8th San Raffaele OCT & Retina Forum 2024

8th San Raffaele OCT & Retina Forum 2024

congress program

Location : Milan

Country : Italy

Language : ENG

Start :

End :

Specialities : Ophthalmology

The congress program will include presentations on imaging, focus on therapies, updates on treatments for maculopathy, vascular and retinal diseases. In particular, some of the most important researchers will show the results of the last trials conducted in their clinical investigation centres. The congress will be an opportunity also for young ophthalmologists. Professor Bandello and Professor Querques have designed a special session, based on the format of previous years: clinical – often challenging – case short presentations, where expert Speakers will give voice to residents and fellows. The patient is thus virtually “visited” by a panel of international experienced ophthalmologists, sharing diagnostic evaluations and discussing the most appropriate therapies. 

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