4th International Cancer Conference and Expo – iCancer 2021

4th International Cancer Conference and Expo – iCancer 2021

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Location : Baltimore

Country : United States

Language : FR

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Specialities : Oncology

i- Cancer Conference 2021 brings This conference provides a forum for exchange of ideas and authoritative views by eminent personalities in this exciting field, by bringing together Cancer Science, Drug Development, Nanotechnology in Cancer Treatment, Robotic Surgery, Therapies, Oncology, Clinical Trials, Cancer imaging, Medical radiation, Cancer Detection, Control and Prevention research professionals; Academicians, Doctors, Study sponsors, Related Associations & Societies; Executives from Bio-Engineering, Diagnosis Tools, Medical devices and Pharmaceutical industries around the globe. iCancer 2021 will have a multidisciplinary focus and aim to give participants a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas with members of the community working to beat cancer.

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