27th Annual Congress - EAHP 2023

27th Annual Congress - EAHP 2023

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Location : Lisbon

Country : Portugal

Language : ENG

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Specialities : Pharmacy

These last few years have brought a significant era for the European hospital pharmacy profession, during which our commitment to patient-care and medication safety, as well as to our dedication towards evidence-based medicine, was put to a major test. The hospital pharmacy profession steadily took to the challenge and prevailed. Moreover, the pandemic enabled novel roles for hospital pharmacists to be taken and, therefore, provided further recognition and expanded visibility for all the services our colleagues offer and fulfil.
It is our duty to provide the best possible care for our patients – spanning from the initial steps of drug design to our ultimate goal: treatment success. A success that is not solely defined by medical parameters, but also through the patient’s perceptions and engagement to play an active role in their own journey towards recovery.

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