25th World Congress of Dermatology - WCD 2023

25th World Congress of Dermatology - WCD 2023

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Location : Singapour

Country : Singapore

Language : ENG

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End :

Specialities : Dermatology And Venereology

We are very honoured that Singapore was chosen as the host city for the 25th World Congress of Dermatology 2023.
The congress theme is “Dermatology Beyond Borders”. The congress will provide the occasion for clinicians, researchers, industry and other partners to work towards extending the boundaries of dermatology. We aim to increase cooperation and collaboration across geographic, political and economic borders, to strengthen our specialty and improve skin health for everyone.
The 25th WCD will present a broad, deep and interesting scientific programme that will cover all clinical areas, enhance patient and community engagement, and promote the understanding of basic, translational and implementation science. We aim to transcend borders to be an inclusive conference that will celebrate our diversity.

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